You Don’t Have to Know Today

This is for anyone who has grown weary of seeking or feels discouraged. I hope this brings peace and a reminder that being right where you are is the most important thing you can do.

Growing up (and by growing up I mean until I was 26) Christianity was my world. Slowly a thread was pulled and my world unraveled. God no longer fit into one box. They were so much bigger.  

When the core of who you are crumbles, how do you know what your value is?

I don’t have answers. In fact I have a lot of questions. I have come to embrace the mystery of God, who they are and how they work.

There is beauty in the now, in the moments you don’t have clarity. Embrace them. Your value is not contingent on anything. It simply is. You are. That is enough.

-Samantha Morrow

Music by Jordan Sommer

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