Last Worship Song

Hey, I don’t know if You’re real today.

I was told that’s not okay to say,

But I feel like You can take it.

Hey, sometimes I can’t feel You.

Usually it’s when I need to,

But I’m too tired to fake it.

All I know

Is that there’s nothing I know.

I’m a growing fish out of water.

All I know

Is that I don’t care to know.

But I still need a friend and a Father.

So if You hear me,

Know that I still love You,

But everything that I’ve clung to

Has left me broken.

Since You see me,

You must know I still need You.

But all the times I’ve been lied to

Are causing me to quit pretending.

So thank You for being there

Even when I don’t know that You are.

Oh, thank You for being there

When I’ve silenced You with my broken heart.

Thank You.

-Camille Law