Wilted Sunflowers

Decayed leaves falling from brown stems-

I think of how we are taught to trim

Down… our thoughts, our emotions, our bodies,

With incessant apologies-

All to keep us part of the herd

Of unconscious, submissive women-

Trained to bow down to men.

We become depleted of what is necessary to sustain our lives:

Our soul’s radiance wilts like the petals of a decayed sunflower,

And every hour

Seems to scrape by-

Meaningless moments… our lives pass us by

A desperate scream awakens the divine within-

No longer can we hold our tongues and cringe,

At the injustice of our oppressed lives.

One deep breathe, now two: take it in-

Say what is in your heart and on your mind,

Oh yes, feel yourself unwind:

Rip the strings from the puppeteer's hands,

Throw them in the fire, turn around, and stand

In the face of your oppressor

The social structure begins to crumble,

And all he can do is mumble:

Put your shoulders back, stand up taller-

You can stop making yourself smaller:

Feel that you are the fire

Light returns to the sunflower- it stands up again:

Divine goddess, awakened from within-

You are the giver of life, honey,

You are love embodied

-Rachel Germon

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