I am cracked open:

I am shattered-

What got me into this state does not matter,

For this is how we all need to be.

So we can truly see,

The beauty around us-

The beauty within us

My heart is wide open:

I am vulnerable.

My past traumas will not take this from me:

This beautiful gift of vulnerability

Chip away at that hard shell

That traps you in a self-creating hell:

Keep chipping- until it all falls away,

Because that is not some place you want to stay…

Is it?

Try it with me now:

Take off your mask-

Deconstruct your walls, I ask,

Not for me, for you!

See yourself for what is the most true

About you.

Not the darkness that we often get dragged into,

Because none of that is true…

Beauty is in you:

Unending, overflowing-

If you allow it, it just keeps coming.

Then… it surges from your soul into mine!

Out into the world, and everyone begins to unwind-

Into this state of beauty:

Then.. we are all encouraging one another to see

Can you picture it?

How beautiful that world would be,

When we encourage each other to see-

The truth that is in you and in me…

Let’s make that our reality

-Rachel Germon

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