The Balance of Love

Dig deeper. 

I’m silent tonight.

Dig deeper.

If you want to know why.

Dig deeper.

I’m not trying to be problematic.

Dig deeper.

There is more to it than just an argument.

Dig deeper. 

I love you I always will.

Dig deeper.

It’s not a question of how much I love you.

Dig deeper.

It’s about the effort you don’t put in.

It’s about the love no longer being reciprocated.

It’s about losing hope for our future.

Because all I can think is this is how it’ll always be.

Maybe it’ll get worse as you grow older with me.

The thought of being the one to always put in the work just doesn’t amuse me. 

Only if you met me half way but you don’t.

You do your own thing constantly.

It’s exhausting being the one who always plans things.

It’s no longer part of my worries. 

I can’t be the one doing everything.

Dig deeper babe before you lose me.

-Naixa Brignoni