Shattering the Illusion

When you are forced to stop...but your soul yearns to move forward:

A piercing lull

Fills your skull-

Brain dead...

But, you are breathing,

And your heart is beating:

You are technically still alive,

But how can you thrive?

Sustained by invisible machines-

Some disguised by screens

I remember this lull so well,

From my days in hell:

Bottomless dissatisfaction… endless escapes-

All hidden behind the drapes

Of alcohol, cocaine…

Anything, really, that would drain

The light out of me,

Or did I mean the life out of me?

Are they not one in the same?

An unending feeling of exhaustion

From a constant searching-

Of an unknown something...

Well, just in case you were wondering:

That something is you,

And that something was me:

That was who we were trying to see-

What we were trying to find

Now, please, stay with me now! Our souls scream

“I do not want to go back behind the scenes-

Feel that I am the light,

And that with me: you no longer have to fight

Every day- just to stay alive:

With me, you will thrive

Stay with me, now:

In the ‘right here, right now’

State of being-

Remember what you are feeling:

Maintain this connection,

Remain present

Love your highest self,

And remember: I am first on the shelf-

Not shoved to the back and set aside:

I am your resilient voice inside,

The one that you cannot hide:

Your true voice,

Your true essence...

We are one, in the present:

Right here, right now-

Remain… that is how

You stay alive:

That is how you thrive”

-Rachel Germon

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