Race Won

Racin’ down the highway

At a hundred twenty five

Desperate to feel something -

Just to know I’m still alive

Pissed off at the whole world

And a life that isn’t fair

I say I don’t give a shit

Pretending I don’t care

An accident waiting to happen

A disaster ready to unfold

In the place of a heart that once was warm

Now there’s only cold

An early grave my destination,

And me a loaded gun

Now so rudely interrupted and

My heart is left undone

One close call too many

I give up all my rage

In that moment, set free

Escaping anger’s cage

A calming of the sea

Raging storm now done

A new man emerging

Nothing left of the old one

So if you’re caught up in your own trap

And you’re looking to transform and

End the “endless” cycle

Of living storm to storm

Take it from a fellow racer

A mile on down the way

Learn to love the life you’re given

And be grateful every day

For the ones you love so deeply and

The ones who love you too

For every second you have with them

Until this life is through

So moment by moment

And breath by breath

Let’s cherish each moment

We each have left

-Jeff Dean