Operation! (Deconstruction)

When they called it my baggage,

Opening it up to find out what is inside.

Seemed like a pretty good idea.

As I unzipped the battered luggage

That had been weighing me down.

Someone put on an Eels song.

“The Deconstruction has begun.”

They sang.

A little too cheerily.


That sounds like I need a permit.

And a hard hat.

But I liked

Traveling lighter.

Well, most of the time.

The unpacking

Become an excavation.

And the worksite was suddenly…

My deepest places.

I am a surgeon.

Cutting at my own innards.

I have this hope

That if I do something wrong.

The worst thing that will happen

Will be nose, lighting up red.

And a buzzing, 

A God-awful buzzing.

-Jeff Campbell

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