now, more than ever

(To Tim on our anniversary)

it’s in the undoing

of all I thought I knew

that I feel my mind, my heart, my soul

fling wide to welcome you

it’s in the reclaiming

of this body, this self

that I learn to love from fullness

put the critic on the shelf

it’s in the slow intentionality

of early morning pleasure

that I feel the depths of your perfection

and find ecstasy in leisure

not needing you to be everything

not needing you to be anything

not needing you to be anyone

other than who you are

eyelashes and tongue

muscles tighten and release

dripping curls, firm grasp

as you pull me into peace

now, more than ever

I’m content apart from we

now, more than ever

I’d never want to leave

-Britta Hamilton

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