It all started with this women who was living a false reality. 

Unaware the man she was loving was married. 

Once she found out after years of loving him. 

Little did he know her past history with men.

Before him she was married to man who beat her. 

Before him she started a family with a man who cheated on her.

Before him her first love died in a car accident by a drunk driver. 

Before him she was a young girl raped by a man who lived with her. 

This time she thought she had it right. 

Putting all this faith in a man who had a wife.

Breaking down all walls for a man who had one foot in the door and one foot out.

It isn’t fair but she found out that she wasn’t the only one that he loved.

And because of the pain she felt she thought she was better off gone. 

Little did he know he was another story that broke her heart at night.

His actions were selfish and he doesn’t even realize it.

He goes back to his family like nothing ever happened.

This women goes back to her family with a darkness inside of her. 

Mental thoughts kept taking her back in time.

Mental thoughts started taking control of her life.

Mentally unstable she gave up on life. 

But she made it out alive. 

She was able to seek help on time.

Once she realized her mind was sick she took great care of it.

Please be mindful of your decisions; and

If you feel that your mind is sick please seek help. 

You deserve to be here. 

You deserve to live. 

Heal your mind and body. 

Choose life, choose to continue the journey of life.