Southern Baptist

How can a religion be so constricted, so strict to the point where you think you are always sinning and need to pray for forgiveness? I believe that religion is love. Being raised in a Southern Baptist church, I didn’t feel “love” when I went there every Sunday. I felt judgement and uncomfortable to be myself. I’m just recently coming to terms with who I am, and I believe it took me awhile because I was afraid to be who I am. I was afraid because the Bible told me to live a certain way.

I was constantly being judged and didn’t feel like I could be myself. Once I was a teenager, it became a Sunday tradition for my parents and me to get into arguments before and after church because I didn’t want to go. When I didn’t make the right life decisions and would lie or do poorly in school, my parents would say that we needed to pray. If we had a disagreement, I would need to pray. Religion has been pushed on me my whole life, and I think I now know where I stand. I believe that religion is love. I don’t think we have to follow rules in order to go to Heaven.

-Miranda Evans