Holy? Wholly Whole.

Weakening the weak

Bringing down the down

Insulting the insulted

Making frowners frown

Sowing seeds of sowers

Contradictions contradict

You’ll reap with the reapers

For picking on the picked

The choosy chosen chosen who

Love loving the unloved

Pushy pushing pushes

Shoving what’s been shoved

You'd better stop not stopping

Abusing the abused

Pointing pointless points

You’re just using the used

You’re gossip loving gossipers

Self satisfying selves

And your biting words bite deeply

So shelve them on the shelf

Fault finding finds faults

And I hate hateful hate

Hurting me is hurtful

Berating just berates

But, because I have a cause

I will will with my free will

To keep innocence innocent

Still trying to be still

Emotional emotions

Controlling self control

Peacefully at peace becoming

Holy? Wholly whole

-Carly Caroline