I am a tree - growing and blossoming.

Growing taller and wider, gaining strength and offering more shade.

Growing a few new branches which have new leaves.

Leaves just the same as the leaves I already have, but now in a new area.

I am not fixed - I move and grow.

A tree doesn’t appear out of nowhere as tall as it’s going to be 

nor does it have limbs placed on it from an outside source, 

nailing or sewing it in.

No. It starts small and grows.

All the DNA it needs to grow into a tree is there as a seed.

The seed doesn’t need an outside source to come attach a branch, 

place the top of the tree on and fasten it,

bolster roots and paint the leaves a new color as the season changes. 

The tree is enough. 

It is capable to grow in time. And each stage is beautiful. 

You don’t look at a tree and tell it to hurry. 

There is no end goal.

For even when the tree is full grown, there are still limbs that will die and fall, 

leaves that will change color and texture and new leaves to grow. 

Trees are not stagnant; though they are all they need from the start.

They are enough.

They are beautiful and spectacular - and each phase is just perfect as it is.

No sadness that they aren’t what they were before. 

No pressure to be what they will be in five years.

They are present.

They were perfect as they were before and will be perfect as they become.

Because they are all the same tree: past, present, future. 

They are all one. 

No good has been added or taken, 

even though they might change their appearance or strength. 

The trees are enough from the beginning.

I am a tree.

I am enough.

I have been enough from the beginning & will always be enough. 

I am fulfilled and have all I need. 

I am one - my past, my present, my future - and I am enough.

-Elizabeth Kier

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