Deconstruction of Love

deconstruction of love

deconstruction of us

or what I thought it was

watching the sky move

as the days go by

sitting in our home

makes me want to cry

I thought love meant together

I thought love meant forever


what I thought to be true

somehow made me blue

is this it?

is this trust?

and I wonder

is this love?

where is the faith?

because I sit and wait

for you to come home

where our love could be strong

and you never come

and I’m here alone

wondering what love means

while you sleep and dream

I can never reach you

and you’re right beside me

and now here I am

I’ve paved the way

here in the sand

and I’m sorry we couldn’t go

hand in hand

and here is love

letting go

and here is love

on my own

-Alma Skye

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