Concrete Streets

Stepping into the city,

Unkindness arises inside of me-

Hate threatening to hijack me

My feet hit the concrete floor,

And I’m not so compassionate anymore:

Around every corner, I see people living on the streets-

I avert my eyes, so they can’t see that I am weak,

For them and for their struggle

My foot catches the sidewalk and I stumble:

It’s creator trying to grab me by the ankles,

To remind me to stay faithful

To myself and what I stand for-

For these people, sleeping on the concrete floor

Why is it that we are desensitized

To these people’s cries?

When did we forget our humanity,

Or is that just “the man” in me-

The man in you?

So you see, this is why I prefer to remove my shoes,

And place my feet on the forest floor-

She reminds me that I can’t take it anymore!

This unconscious living that has become the norm:

Big brother better watch out, I can hear her storm

These cities encourage forgetfulness,

And mindless rest-

We need to be remembering who we are!

Let’s come together and heal these scars-

These wounds that have been gaping

For generations

Let’s turn our evolution around:

Come with me, listen to the sounds

Of the crickets in your ears,

Remove all of your fears:

Let the darkness fall down

Let light abound

-Rachel Germon

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