attempting to define this process I'm in

this is the rending and the realizing

the full stop, chest tight, head first

plunge into uncertainty

this is the swinging

from joy to sorrow to contemplation

and back into joy again

where the aching space becomes sacred

and the earth blooms possibility

where answers are questioned

and reality unwraps herself

who could have known

that the unknowing

could birth such


that the unbecoming

could nurture such


that the unraveling

could foster such


that as my world deconstructed

the profound perfection of all things

would be revealed


and again

and again

that I would come to see all existence

not as a collection of fixed truths

but as an extension of myself

unbound and malleable

that in facing the meaninglessness

I would find more freedom

than I ever did in surety

-Britta Hamilton

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